[Marxism] New from Red Wedge: On Kara Walker, Grant Mandarino critiques Adam Turl on Dada, Photo Leaks, Ferguson, more

Adam Turl adamcturl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 10:01:34 MDT 2014

*A Subtlety, Or the Question of Whether Blackness Can Have Body Sovereignty*

Melanie West looks at some of the controversy that surrounded one of this
summer's most talked about works.


*On Artists and Radical Ideas: A Response to Adam Turl*

Art historian Grant Mandarino has a few disagreements with how Adam Turl
presents Dada.


*C’est Ne Pas Mon Corps: Celebrity Photo Leaks and the Treachery of Images*

Brit Schulte argues that there is a much more nuanced way to condemn the
leak of celebrities' nude pictures.


*An Uprising In Pictures*

Nikeeta Slade shows us what the resistance on the ground of Ferguson looks


*Michfest Is Dying From Bigotry*

Judy Heithmar argues that the transphobia of the world's premier feminist
music festival is incredibly troubling.


*Fuck tha Police*

After his friend was killed by the LAPD, Ceebo the Rapper vented. This
video was the result.


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