[Marxism] Stop US attacks on Iraq and Syria! Only the people can defeat ISIS and end with these hated regimes!

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Wed Sep 17 07:10:35 MDT 2014

Stop US attacks on Iraq and Syria! Only the people can defeat ISIS and 
end with these hated regimes!

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Since some weeks ago the government of the US, by order of Obama, has 
started a military intervention on Iraq bombing zones occupied by the 
so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the argument of 
"protecting US Citizens" and to develop "humanitarian actions" defending 
the Christian and Yazidi communities threatened by ISIS. Now Obama 
announces he would proceed with a possible bombing of Syria, in 
agreement with the dictator Bashar al-Assad, with the same argument of 
"the battle against terrorism".

We call on the peoples of the world to condemn this new imperialist 
intervention. With this intervention, and the argument of "the battle 
against terrorism", imperialism wants to deal in one fell swoop with the 
two central problems in the region: the sinking of the occupation 
regimen in Iraq with a huge popular rejection and the existence of an 
ongoing revolution in Syria. For imperialism the problem is not the 
atrocities of ISIS against minorities. While ISIS was — and still is— an 
instrument at the service of Bashar al-Assad's regimen to face the 
revolution by the rear-guard, Obama not only has not said a thing about 
its methods but has also supplied them through Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The real motives for the imperialist attack have nothing to do with the 
fight against terrorism or the defence of the people of Iraq, Syria and 
their minorities. The US intervention has the aim of preserving the 
sinking occupation regime in Iraq and to sustain the murderous Syrian 
regime. Behind these aims are the interests of the oil multinational and 
Israel stability.

Even more now when the Palestine people and its heroic resistance 
achieved a partial victory, after 50 days of genocidal military attacks 
by the Zionist state of Israel, backed by the US; after an enormous 
suffering, with over 2,140 Palestinians dead (including 560 children) 
and 84 percent of them civilians. The permanent cease-fire agreement 
includes the reopening of the Rafah crossing, which means a significant 
attenuation of the blockade of the Gaza Strip. The Rafah crossing 
(connecting Gaza with Egypt) will be under control of the Palestinian 
National Authority, which now has a unified government between Fatah and 
Hamas. The agreement also accepts that Gaza fishermen can fish in a six 
mile zone (instead of the three miles they had been allowed until now). 
There are issues still under discussion such as the rights of Palestine 
to have a port and an airport and the liberation of 100 Palestinian 
prisoners. However, nothing is assured, moreover with the complicit role 
of the Egyptian el-Sisi regime acting in the service of Israel and the 
USA. The fight continues to ensure the respect of the agreement and to 
demand the end of the Gaza Strip blockade.

This certainly is neither peace, nor the liberation of the Palestinian 
people, nor the end to Gaza prison, but it does show that they cannot 
break the resistance. This was why the Palestinian people celebrated and 
the Zionist government went into crisis with several ministers 
questioning the agreement.

Hence, the current and central dilemma in Syria and Iraq is not between 
ISIS or the US and its allies. The issue is stand by the Syrian 
revolution and the legitimate clash of the Iraqi people fighting against 
their corrupt and illegitimate government. It is to stand against the 
imperialist intervention and its bombardments, and next to the Iraqi, 
Syrian and Palestinian peoples.

The world biggest criminal is imperialism

Obama, his partners of the EU, the Iraqi government and even the 
assassin Netanyahu, rate the reprehensible actions of ISIS as the 
"biggest threat to humanity". Their cynicism is boundless. In this way 
they want to cover up and justify their own crimes to the world. This is 
said by those who 70 years ago dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and 
Nagasaki, killing 200,000 persons in one day, when the war was already 
over. The very same who killed over two million people in Vietnam; those 
who endorsed dictators like Pinochet or Videla or starve the people of 
the world with the adjustment plans of the IMF.

The role of imperialism in relation to the Arab and Middle East peoples 
has been to colonize, to artificially divide the nations, to encourage 
religious struggles and civil wars to steal the oil and other natural 
resources. As part of this colonizing plan they installed the fictitious 
Zionist state of Israel, supporting it militarily and endorsing Israel's 
repeated bombings to mass murder the people of the Gaza Strip.

The current situation of Iraq, its political and social debacle, its 
division between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds is the consequence of that 
policy and of the Bush headed invasion in 2003, which led to the current 
state of semi disintegration. The American invasion, with the false 
"humanitarian" argument of overthrowing Saddam Hussein's dictatorship 
and his supposed "weapons of mass destruction" had the real aim of 
controlling the oil production and creating stability of "cemeteries" in 
the Middle East in order to sustain Israel. The resistance of the Iraqi 
people and the repudiation of people all over the world finally made the 
American troops retreat in 2011 without achieving all those aims. They 
leave a Shiite pro-Yankee Iraqi government, backed by the Iranian regime 
that represses the Sunni people. Since then, there have been all kinds 
of popular revolts. For example, the brutal detention of Sunni leader 
Ahmed al-Alwani, in December 2013, in which two of his brothers were 
killed, lead to protests all over Al Anbar governorate, mainly in the 
cities of Ramadi and Fallujah. Imperialism has systematically violated 
the right of self-determination of the people, so we must condemn this 
new military intervention in Iraq and Syria. Nothing good can be 
expected from it.

ISIS must be defeated by the peoples of Iraq and Syria

In Iraq, within the framework of the revolutionary process opened in 
North Africa and the Middle East by the Tunisian revolution of January 
2011, massive protests against the Maliki government take place which 
are brutally repressed. The violence and sectarianism of the Iraqi 
occupation government (supported also by Iran) is the fuel that 
encourages ISIS. What imperialism wants to present today as an offensive 
by ISIS fanatics actually has a triple component: an ISIS group which 
has grown in Syria, Sunni popular sectors and the remnants of the Baath 
Party (Saddam Hussein's party) which face the government in Bagdad. 
Imperialism uses ISIS just as Bashar al-Assad does, to hide the popular 
uprising and reduce everything to the "fight against terrorism".

In Syria, in three years of war Bashar al-Assad has focused all its war 
machine (including dynamite barrels and chemical weapons) against what 
really has worried him: the people's revolution, while allowing the ISIS 
to consolidate its position as a fifth column in liberated areas. The 
first ISIS fighters came out of the jails that al-Assad opened at the 
beginning of the revolution to weaken it, and for three years he did not 
fire a single shot at ISIS. Time and time again imperialism (the US and 
also the EU) refused to arm the only group that faced ISIS: the Syrian 
Rebels. Instead, they allowed the regime to continue arming themselves 
to the teeth with the support of Iran and Russia. Blocking the Syrian 
rebels reinforced ISIS military and politically and now, attacking them, 
they will strengthen ISIS further as alleged "anti-imperialist".

For this reason our repudiation to the Yankees bombardments in Iraq and 
Syria does not mean we give any political support or of any kind to the 
so-called Islamic State (ISIS). It is a bourgeois Islamic organization 
with a dictatorial theocratic counter-revolutionary proposal, which 
seeks to establish a "Caliphate" in the region. Their militias act with 
aberrant methods of ethnic cleansing in the service of this reactionary 
program. It is claimed that they are financed by the pro-US Sunni 
monarchist regime of Saudi Arabia, which means they are the creation of 
a strong ally of the US. Their main goal would be to interfere in the 
Syrian revolution to try to have a way out, given the possible fall of 
Bashar al-Assad, with a dictatorial government allied to the Sunni oil 
bourgeoisie of Saudi Arabia, enemy of any change process. In the Syrian 
revolution they act confronting the Syrian rebels themselves to occupy 
territories. From Syria they moved to the central-eastern provinces of 
Iraq, with larger Sunni presence, taking the city of Mosul and others. 
In all these territories they applied atrocities as mass executions of 
opponents and the expulsion of religious minorities.

The imperative fight against ISIS must be supported by the arming of the 
Syrian rebel forces (Free Syrian Army and the Kurds) and by the support 
of Iraqi popular movements. Against sectarian violence, for a joint 
struggle against the Iraqi occupation government and the assassin Bashar 
al-Assad. For the achievement of an independent solution of true 
national self-determination of the peoples where political, labour and 
religious rights of each community are respected. For us this must be 
framed within a socialist and workers solution.

For the national self-determination of the Kurdish people in Iraq, 
Syria, Turkey and Iran

The Iraqi Kurds are also suffering the consequence of this complex 
conflict. Kurdish people are the largest people in the world without a 
state. Nearly 30 million Kurds are dispersed in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and 
Iran. They share an identity, a language and culture of their own. But 
they are a nation historically oppressed and divided by various 
imperialisms (Ottoman, British, German and Yankee) and by the 
bourgeoisie of each country in the Middle East and Turkey, always 
preventing the existence of an independent Kurdistan, a single Kurdish 

Our international current has always stood by the historical slogan of 
the right to national self-determination of the Kurdish people in 
Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran, countries were Kurdish people are 
persecuted and repressed, especially in Turkey. It is estimated that 
there are about 15 million Kurds in Turkey, 6 millions in Iraq, 4.5 
millions in Iran and 1.5 millions in Syria. Some of the nationalist 
Kurdish leaders sought to compromise with imperialism and their 
respective governments to get some partial autonomy status.

One of those cases was taking place in Iraq, where after the fall of 
Saddam Hussein, American imperialism and its bourgeois Shiites allies, 
supported by the Iranian regime, gave partial autonomy to the Kurds in 
northern Iraq, for the support Kurdish bourgeois political forces of the 
PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) of Jalal Talabani and the KDP 
(Kurdistan Democratic Party) of Masoud Barzani gave to imperialist 
occupation. Nowadays Barzani is the president of the Iraqi Kurdistan, an 
autonomous region of Iraq. Since 2006 Barzani has supported and worked 
with the Iraqi national government installed by the United States, 
having its own armed militia: the Peshmerga. The Iraqi Kurdistan covers 
the most important area of oil production, which is why in recent years 
the area grew in the warmth of the oil multinational investments. 
Moreover, Barzani has been a good partner of imperialism and of the 
Turkish regime of Erdogan, enemy of Kurdish people, to whom they sell 
oil and do business with.

The near disintegration of the Iraqi army in central-eastern Iraq 
because of the advanced position of ISIS militias, led to the Kurdish 
military forces being the only forces able to confront ISIS, along the 
Iraqi army and since 8 August supported by US bombing.

As revolutionary socialist we support the right of Kurdish people to 
defend Kurdistan and its limited autonomy of any attack from ISIS. It is 
also fitting that the armed and popular Kurdish organizations defend 
themselves against the attacks of ISIS in Syria. And also they have the 
right to do so in their shelters in Iraqi Kurdistan if they were 
attacked by ISIS. But this does not justify endorsing the imperialist 
bombing. Kurdish people, their popular organizations and the peoples of 
the world must condemn the imperialist attack and strengthen themselves 
by fighting in an independent way against ISIS and for the unity and 
self-determination on Kurdish people in Iraq and the entire region.

We repudiate the bombardments and any kind of imperialist military 
intervention in Iraq and Syria

We call on the peoples of the world to repudiate the ongoing military 
actions in Iraq and Syria. With the argument of "fighting against 
terrorism" and using the cruel practices of ISIS, the US and the EU, 
supported by Russia, Iran, Israel and now, with the approval of the 
dictator Bashar al-Assad, they want to attack the people of the Middle 
East. With this same pretext they want to drown the revolt of the Syrian 
people. To the extent that the Syrian Foreign Minister "welcomed any 
attack, including by the United Kingdom and the United States with 
possible bombings" in his country to "fight ISIS". He only requested to 
"coordinate" them (ABC.es, 25 August 2014). This means they are using 
the madness of ISIS and their Caliphate to applaud Obama's bombing of 
rebel positions. That is, the Syrian regime removes its mask of being 
"anti-imperialist", defended by the world reformist left and especially 
by Chavism, and now shows its true pro-imperialist and genocidal face.

The responsibility of the Iraq and Middle East crisis is the result of 
the criminal and genocidal actions of imperialism. But there is also a 
responsibility of the various Arab and non-Arab bourgeois leaders, who 
act against their people, allying themselves with imperialism and 
leaving alone the heroic Palestinian people who continue to give lessons 
in fighting spirit in the Gaza Strip. This selling out of both the old 
bourgeois Arab nationalism as well as the Islamic bourgeois forces and 
their regimes have given rise to the emergence of ultra-reactionary 
political groups like al-Qaeda, the Salafists and now ISIS. It is 
necessary for the revolutionary left in North Africa and the Middle East 
and the workers and popular sectors to unite and fight to build a new 
revolutionary socialist direction for the peoples of the region.

No to US attacks in Iraq and Syria!

Russia and Iran out of Syria! Down with Bashar al-Assad's regime!

Support for the popular movements against the occupation regime in Iraq!

Arms for the Syrian revolution to defeat the regime and ISIS!

International Executive Committee of the International Workers Unity – 
Fourth International

29 August 2014 

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