[Marxism] New Zealand: Left must be part of internet freedom fight

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 21:21:39 MDT 2014

>From Stuart Monckton:

"On the impact of the meeting, Carolan said: ?There is huge energy in this
hall. I think people are moving from here to really participate to fight to
defend democracy and civil rights.

"I think it has vindicated those of us in the MANA Movement who have teamed
up with this generation of internet freedom fighters."

Joe has always been quite excitable.  If there are 20 people on a picket,
Joe will suggest there were 50 and it's a sing of a massive upsurge in the
class struggle.

Mana has hooked up with multi-millionaire pirate capitalist Kim Dotcom.  He
has now largely funded their electoral campaign which is an alliance
between Dotcom's Internet Party and Mana.  Dotcom hired Laila Harre to lead
his vanity project.  Laila is a longtime social-democrat, her last job but
one, for which she was paid a very substantial salary, was as one of the
management team overseeing the laying off of hundreds of council workers in
Auckland.  That looked good on her CV for her last job, working for the
ILO, as it showed she can see things from both workers' and bosses'

More recently, Dotcom's own record as an employer has been cast in rather
questionable light.

Moreover, as a leading NZ left-wing playwright and screen writer, Dean
Parker noted recently on Redline, unions had negotiated with big studios
for percentage shares of film earnings to go to union members who worked on
set.  Dotcom's Megaupload site paid no such royalities.

The InternetMana lash-up is a product of the almost non-existent nature of
the class struggle here right now, and its reflection in a lack of
independent working class politics of any sort.

That can't be wished away by fanciful tales of what InternetMana are about
or what the Auckland town hall meeting represented.  For something billed
the 'Moment of Truth' it never managed to score a direct hit on John Key.
In fact, it has somewhat backfired on Kim Dotcom.

This may not be the reality that some on the left here wish to hear, or
recognise, but it is still the reality.

I hope Hone (Harawira, leader of Mana) gets back in, but I have no time for
these kinds of cross-class electoral lash-ups by which sections of the left
indicate they can be just as 'cute' in rorting the electoral system as the


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