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The Tragedy of Being Michael Brown

Did Brown have to be a college-bound angel to have his death matter?

by Mina Khanlarzadeh	  September 18, 2014

ImageMichael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, was shot dead 
by police in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9. Two of the more problematic 
reactions to the tragedy of Michael Brown’s death rest upon a shared 
association between the value of the “raced” victim’s life, or lack 
thereof, and his supposed “success” or “failure.” These reactions, which 
I call the “no-angel” and the “degree” approaches, although different, 
both stem from the dominant worldview of today’s capitalist societies 
which judge people’s life worth on the basis of their success or 
failure, of being good or bad people.

full: http://newpol.org/content/tragedy-being-michael-brown

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