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Kicking the Hornets' Nest
How Stieg Larsson Exposed the Swedish Far Right

For the average person the early death of Stieg Larsson must have come 
as a disappointment since that meant that the fourth Dragon Tattoo novel 
would remain uncompleted, the last in a series that were perfect reading 
on the bus or subway going to work. I understood how they might feel 
since I once missed my stop while reading the account of the petite but 
potent Lisbeth Salander beating up a 300-pound biker and stealing his 

But after reading Jan-Erik Pettersson’s “Stieg Larsson: the real story 
of the man who played with fire”, I felt a keener loss, that of a man 
who I never met but now miss as a comrade in the fight against a 
decaying capitalist system. I was always aware that Karl Stig-Erland 
“Stieg” Larsson, who died at the age of 50 from a heart attack on 
November 9, 2005, was a member of the Trotskyist movement–as was I–but 
never knew much about what he did in between the time he left the 
movement and began writing the novels that made him famous. I was under 
the impression that he made his living as a journalist but that would be 
like saying that John Reed did so as well. Like so many journalists with 
integrity over the last 100 years, Stieg Larsson aimed his words like a 
Molotov cocktail at the forces of capitalist reaction. If anything, the 
exploits of Mikael Blomkvist, the journalist hero of his novels, pale in 
comparison to the life that the author led.


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