[Marxism] Scotland

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Sep 19 17:42:12 MDT 2014

To be honest, I haven't been following the referendum carefully either 
in terms of the ongoing news coverage or the deeper theoretical 
questions. That being said, I would have supported a "yes" vote based 
solely on Socialist Unity's support for a "no" vote.

I am not sure how influential this website is today but at one time it 
got a lot of traffic because it appeared to be pushing for a 
non-sectarian approach. Alexa says that it is ranked 1,306,680 globally 
while my blog is 1,406,977 for comparison's sake.

It is run by a character named Andy Newman who was in the SWP and then 
turned into one of its biggest enemies. More generally, the website is a 
source of "tankie" propaganda very closely connected to George Galloway, 
especially on the basis of supporting Bashar al-Assad and the Donbass 

Since someone alluded to their support for a "no" vote on FB, I thought 
I'd check in on them to see what they were saying (I very rarely go to 
socialistunity.com since WSWS.org is about all I need to keep up with 
the crypto-Stalinist left.)

A typical article is 
http://socialistunity.com/reflecting-referendum-campaign/ by Tommy Kane 
(I have no idea who he is.) Kane writes:

"Let us also be clear. This Scottish brand of nationalism has no 
intention of dealing with the rising structural inequality that has 
happened across the whole of the neo-liberal globalised world; including 
Britain. Indeed, they never mention wider global, economic forces, come 
to it neither do many of their left fellow travellers. Political 
self-determination is all that matters in their view with no strategy at 
all to deal with promoting, let alone achieving, any semblance of 
economic self-determination."

Now, I don't want to make an amalgam between those who get weak in the 
knees when they read a Boris Kagarlitsky article but if you aren't 
careful, you might turn into Andy Newman yourself.

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