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Marxism Digest, Vol 131,
23. Scotland (Louis Proyect).
"That being said, I would have supported a "yes" vote based solely on Socialist Unity's support for a "no" vote.I am not sure how influential this website is today but at one time it got a lot of traffic because it appeared to be pushing for a non-sectarian approach. Alexa says that it is ranked 1,306,680 globally while my blog is 1,406,977 for comparison's sake.It is run by a character named Andy Newman who was in the SWP and then turned into one of its biggest enemies. More generally, the website is a source of "tankie" propaganda very closely connected to George Galloway, especially on the basis of supporting Bashar al-Assad and the Donbass separatists."Socialist Unity is indeed tankie, given to glorifying the role of the USSR in defeating Nazism, amongst other marks of the breed. Their Blog is gives, an, incomplete, description of their leading figures' background.http://socialistunity.com/who-we-are/"Andy Newman is a Swindon-based political activist. Branch Secretary of Wiltshire and Swindon (W15) branch of the GMB, delegate to the Southern Regional Council of the GMB; and GMB delegate to South West TUC Executive. Andy also runs the occasionally updated Swindon Roundabouts blog.
(Newman is also Labour candidate: Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Chippenham & Melksham: a completely unwinnable rural seat. http://andynewman4labour.com/)
"John Wight is a freelance writer and journalist. His work appears regularly in the Morning Star and the Huffington Post. He has also written for Counterpunch, Scottish Left Review, Scottish Review, and contributes regularly to the London Progressive Journal. He is currently based in Scotland."
(Wight is also a male-model,  signing with Edinburgh’s Stolen Agency.  Stolen welcomed John to their stable, saying:“With years of acting and modeling experience, John has worked on many films and television commercials In America and Scotland. John has worked on campaigns with clients such as Kronenbourg, Diageo. Tesco, Disney and Toys R Us." He has also written novels, WAR, METROSEXUALS and A BEAUTIFUL DAY, which some describe as soft porn,   http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4113175.John_Wight).

That said, Socialist Unity is only one of the left blogs, or groups, which opposed Scottish nationalist separatism.
British Trotskyism and Scottish Independence
"YES: Counterfire, ISG (Scotland), SWP, SPEW, rs21 (inc. IS Scotland), SSP, RCPB-ML, Socialist Resistance, Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, Class War, Solidarity, RCG, A World to Win
NO: Workers Power, Socialist Action, CPGB-ML, AWL, Socialist Appeal, CPB-ML, Socialist Fight, CPB, Spartacist League, International Communist Current, SEP, WRP (Newsline), Communist Workers Organisation (Aurora), International Socialist League, Respect.
ABSTAIN / NO LINE / OTHERS: IS Network (no line but majority for Yes), CPGB(PCC) (abstain), SLP (no position but will respect outcome of vote), SPGB (abstain), Plan C, Left Unity (no position nationally but Republican Socialist Tendency pushing for Yes), Anarchist Federation (vote yes or abstain), Spartacist League (“The referendum does not pose an issue of principle and we are not taking a stand for or against independence”)

Tendance Coatesy (whose Grandparents were Glaswegian ILP activists, Ward Secretary and Chair), was also opposed to the nationalist separatists.
Left Socialist BlogScotland: Nationalists Lose, and Demand More Powers.http://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/scotland-nationalists-lose-and-demand-more-powers/


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