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I urge everyone to read this. Richard is at his absolute best with that
dark, savage Ulster irony and sarcasm of his given free rein.

His hatred for the likes of the contemptible Gordon Brown who rode to the
rescue of the "United Kingdom" is highly admirable.

I myself supported the Yes side primarily because to vote Yes was to attack
what Perry Anderson calls "the established order".

That may be a crude mechanism or rule of thumb, but in the current
conjuncture when historical progress is stagnant or degrading, it seems to
me almost the best that we can do.


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> To be honest, I haven't been following the referendum carefully either in
> terms of the ongoing news coverage or the deeper theoretical questions.
> That being said, I would have supported a "yes" vote based solely on
> Socialist Unity's support for a "no" vote.
> I am not sure how influential this website is today but at one time it got
> a lot of traffic because it appeared to be pushing for a non-sectarian
> approach. Alexa says that it is ranked 1,306,680 globally while my blog is
> 1,406,977 for comparison's sake.
> It is run by a character named Andy Newman who was in the SWP and then
> turned into one of its biggest enemies. More generally, the website is a
> source of "tankie" propaganda very closely connected to George Galloway,
> especially on the basis of supporting Bashar al-Assad and the Donbass
> separatists.
> Since someone alluded to their support for a "no" vote on FB, I thought
> I'd check in on them to see what they were saying (I very rarely go to
> socialistunity.com since WSWS.org is about all I need to keep up with the
> crypto-Stalinist left.)
> A typical article is http://socialistunity.com/reflecting-referendum-
> campaign/ by Tommy Kane (I have no idea who he is.) Kane writes:
> "Let us also be clear. This Scottish brand of nationalism has no intention
> of dealing with the rising structural inequality that has happened across
> the whole of the neo-liberal globalised world; including Britain. Indeed,
> they never mention wider global, economic forces, come to it neither do
> many of their left fellow travellers. Political self-determination is all
> that matters in their view with no strategy at all to deal with promoting,
> let alone achieving, any semblance of economic self-determination."
> Now, I don't want to make an amalgam between those who get weak in the
> knees when they read a Boris Kagarlitsky article but if you aren't careful,
> you might turn into Andy Newman yourself.
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