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And of course what David accurately describes re Sunni-Shia/rich-poor
divides within Saudi Arabia is replicated one level up in the same divides
between SA and Bahrain (the host of the US 5th Fleet).
The democracy and justice movement has always taken great pains to make
clear they are not a "Shia" movement but an inclusive one.
See bahrainrights.org

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> I think regardless of where one comes down on Syria, it is a good thing
> that no war erupts between S. Arabia and Iran. The human and ecological
> disaster would be unspeakably horrible.
> The problem of course is that it's not simply state-to-state or theological
> rivalries, but rather the very real oppression of the large (30% more or
> less) of the Saudi population that is Shia. Concentrated in the oil
> producing regions of the east of the country on the gulf, they are seen as
> a 5th column by the Monarchy.
> It also it's not lost on anyone that the U.S. worked out a plan for the
> Shah of Iran's US trained and supplied army to invade the Kingdom should
> "things go south" and the pro-US regime in S.A. fall to communists or some
> other secular nationalist uprising.
> DW
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