[Marxism] What if FDR had declared war against both Hitler & Stalin

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Wed Sep 24 01:14:46 MDT 2014

After work from Linux Beach in San Antonio:

      What if FDR had declared war against both Hitler & Stalin

> That would have made no sense, which is to say that it would have only 
> made sense if President Roosevelt wanted to see the allies lose World 
> War II. While many parallels have been drawn and could be drawn 
> between these two ruthless dictators, the wise leader knows that you 
> have to pick your battles carefully and it would have been suicidal to 
> attack Russia at the very moment they were the main force opposing 
> Germany, no matter how similar the two leaders might have been in the 
> abstract.
> And yet this is precisely what President Barack Obama has done by 
> attacking both the Islamic State and Jabhat al Nusra in Syria. While 
> both groups have very similar al Qaeda outlooks, they have played very 
> different roles in the struggle in Syria. ISIS has an Iraqi leadership 
> and has built its ranks largely by recruiting foreign jihadists. It 
> also has avoided combat with the Assad regime just as the regime has 
> forgone attacks against ISIS, even while the terrorist group claimed 
> growing expanses of Syria for itself.
> Al Nusra Front has Syrian leadership and mainly Syrian fighters. It 
> also has a pretty decent record of working with the more democratic 
> forces in the Syrian rebellion and it has actually been fighting the 
> Assad regime. Most importantly with regards to the current campaign 
> against ISIS, al Nusra has been one of the main forces fighting ISIS 
> in Syria.
> When the Obama administration announced that it had attacked the 
> /"little known"/ Khorasan group as well as ISIS in Syria, it was 
> really talking about al Nusra, or a section of it. The reason those of 
> us that have been following events in Syria for years never heard of 
> this /"Khorasan group"/ before now is that the name was entirely the 
> creation of the /"Obama group"/, just as the term /"Viet Cong"/ was 
> never what the National Liberation Front fighters in Vietnam called 
> themselves. It was the creation of a US army psyops officer in 1958 
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/12/through-looking-glass-viet-cong.html> 
> which was immediately picked up by all the media. The new name 
> /"Khorasan group"/ is a thin veil to cover what they are really doing 
> just as their story about an /"imminent attack"/ on the US by these 
> fighters around Idlib and Aleppo is a thin story to cover Obama's 
> attack on ISIS's opposition in Syria.
> The Pentagon was so proud to show how precisely they could use smart 
> bombs to take out an antenna array on top of an ISIS command and 
> control building without harming the building itself - or the 
> expensive radio equipment and ISIS commanders inside. Such a strategic 
> attack would have made sense, knocking out ISIS communications, if it 
> was part of an immediate ground assault, otherwise it means very 
> little because antenna arrays can quickly be replaced, and at very 
> little cost.
> The Obama administration was also so kind as to give the Assad regime 
> a /"heads-up"/ as to the coming attack. ISIS also had plenty of time 
> to fortify and reposition itself in preparation for the US air 
> campaign. In fact the only forces caught by surprise were those that 
> have been fighting both the Assad regime and ISIS.
> Like I've been saying for a couple of years now:
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