[Marxism] If the US wants to destroy ISIS why did it just attack the groups arch rival?

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If the US wants to destroy ISIS why did it just attack the groups arch 

By Paul Woodward on September 23, 2014 Leave a Comment
“We don’t have any specific, credible information about specific plans 
that they [the "Khorasan Group"] had. On the other hand, the 
intelligence did lead us to believe that they were in the process of 
getting very close to the execution phase of general plans that we know 
that they were interested in,” said Attorney General Eric Holder in an 
interview today with Yahoo’s Katie Couric.
“So for some time now we’ve been tracking plots to conduct attacks in 
the United States or Europe. We believe that that attack plotting was 
imminent, in that they had plans to conduct attacks external to Syria,” 
said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser at the White House.
Close to the execution phase of general plans? Imminent plotting for an 
attack somewhere outside Syria?
When government officials make vacuous statements like these and warn 
about the “imminent” threat posed by America’s latest diabolical foe, is 
it any wonder that conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones find it so easy 
to capture a mass audience?
Those Americans less inclined to question official statements and 
willing to accept that airstrikes against a terrorist group they never 
heard of must nevertheless be a good thing if that group was about to 
attack the U.S., would be well advised to ask this question: does an 
administration that just presented its strategy for degrading and 
destroying ISIS, actually have a clear strategy if its war against ISIS 
is now also targeting one of ISIS’s principal adversaries?
Aron Lund writes:
What is being discussed is not a “new terrorist group,” but rather a 
specialized cell that has gradually been established within, or on, the 
fringes of an already existing al-Qaeda franchise, the so-called Nusra 
Front. What this seems to be about is a jihadi cell consisting of 
veteran al-Qaeda members who have arrived to the Nusra Front in Syria 
from abroad, mainly via Iran, and who are in direct contact with 
al-Qaeda’s international leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, himself believed to 
be based in Pakistan.
Lund continues:
Whatever one decides to call it, this is not likely to be an independent 
organization, but rather a network-within-the-network, assigned to deal 
with specific tasks. Most likely it has no fixed name at all, and the 
“Khorasan Group” label has simply been invented for convenience by U.S. 
intelligence or adopted from informal references within the Nusra Front 
to these men as being, for example, “our brothers from Khorasan.”
The issue of the name is significant because it appears that from the 
vantage point of most Syrians, the U.S. strikes were simply strikes on 
Nusra and the implications are clear:
Mike Giglio        ✔ @mike_giglio
You can debate whether hitting ISIS really helps the Syrian regime. But 
whatever its merits, hitting Nusra definitely does

U.S. officials have repeatedly said that a campaign of airstrikes 
against ISIS will not accomplish its ultimate goal of destroying the 
organization without a ground operation involving Syrian opposition 
fighters. How will those fighters be recruited if the U.S. is seen as 
having already further undermined the war against Assad?
al-Gharib الغريب @troublejee
Targeting Nusra in #Aleppo can be viewed as a direct help for Assad 
6:24 PM - 23 Sep 2014

Whatever the U.S. might claim about imminent plots being hatched by the 
Khorasan Group, its leader is apparently viewed as having played a 
crucial role in the fight against Assad. Indeed, it seems somewhat more 
plausible that a guy who trains snipers would be focused on the war in 
Syria rather than some vague plot directed elsewhere.
أبوالحسنين الشامي @MohammedGhazzal
The US air raid targeted a JN trainer He is a very well known figure & 
an important asset for jihad in sniping training Abu Yusuf AlTurki
4:11 PM - 23 Sep 2014

Whether attacking Jabhat al Nusra has made America any safer is highly 
debatable but it seems much more likely this will help ISIS — and Assad.
Daniele Raineri @DanieleRaineri
Will these U.S. bombs align Jabhat al Nusra and the Islamic State back 
together into a single front (even undeclared)?
6:08 PM - 23 Sep 2014

And lastly there’s this footnote: New evidence that Twitter obediently 
takes directions from the U.S. government:
Pieter Van Ostaeyen @p_vanostaeyen
Observation: about 5 hours before the US airstrikes started in #Syria 
all main Jabhat an-Nusra accounts got deleted (again) by Twitter ...
6:50 AM - 24 Sep 2014 

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