[Marxism] What if FDR had declared war against both Hitler &Stalin

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I'm back from work now.

A friend of mine, Buddy Clark - he can be heard reading a quote from the
Declaration of Independence in my film, Vietnam: American Holocaust, told
me how, as a young Marine, he became so causal with death that he would eat
his lunch on the bodies of dead Koreans. He was crying when he told me
this. Working on the film forced him to relive some very painful memories
but his contributions were invaluable to its creation.

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> >Well, I've
> only heard of one FSA soldier eating his enemy's liver or heart.
> >How about
> you? Doesn't that make it a "rare exception" to use your happy
> >phrase?
> Exactly. As much as that one incident has been repeated in order to paint
> the "moderate" (geez, I hate that term!) opposition as violators of human
> rights, you have to wonder why they always point to the same single (and
> unique) incident if it were really part of a pattern. And as for the act of
> eating a human heart itself, I still have to wonder what level of crime is
> involved given that it was taken from a dead man. I guess it's considered
> "extreme," but a war crime? When I first heard that story I remember I was
> disgusted and sickened: how could someone put such a thing in their mouth??
> I was grossed out, and didn't think I could ever bring myself to do such a
> thing for the cause (even if it had been a good idea). Only later did I
> appreciate that it also involved desecration of a human body which is
> universally frowned upon. Yet in any war there are a huge number of bodies
> which don't get a "decent burial" in addition to ones that are deliberately
> abused.
> Well I suppose everyone has their priorities. But for me, I'd much prefer
> to know that my heart would get eaten or any other disgusting thing happen
> to my body after I was already dead, compared to having one fingernail
> pulled out or one bone broken. This one "FSA war crime" just has  me
> yawning......
> - Jeff
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