[Marxism] What if FDR had declared war against both Hitler &Stalin

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Thu Sep 25 08:32:22 MDT 2014

On Sep 25, 2014, at 2:25 AM, Clay Claiborne via Marxism wrote:
> I made a comparison between Stalin and Hitler in the context of who  
> should have declared war on

It may not be possible to educate the determinedly ignorant, but  

Wars are fought between countries not their leaders.
FDR never declared war on anyone (that is the constitutional  
prerogative of the Congress).
The US declared war on Japan, not Nazi Germany.
It was Hitler who declared war on the US, not vice-versa.
The nature of a war is determined by the forces and interests at play,  
not the 'better" or "worse" behavior of the "leaders."

Shane Mage

"scientific discovery is basically recognition of obvious realities
that self-interest or ideology have kept everybody from paying  
attention to"

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