[Marxism] Barnesites, Zionism, Iraq

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 18:51:33 MDT 2014

Very good article, Art.

One of the stunning Barnesite formulations in relation to Iraq was that the
US occupation was a "soft protectorate".  Given the more than a decade of
horrors that Iraq has been subject to since the US-led invasion, I would
have thought a little critical reflection on their part was due - except
cults don't do critical reflection, so there would be no point in expecting

The other thing that struck me about the Barnesite response to the invasion
of Iraq was how impressed Whacko Jacko (and thus his go-fors) seemed to be
by the power of US military hardware.  They seemed to positively gush at
the awesome firepower of the bombers, tanks, artillery, and so on of US

It really was quite revolting.

With the turn towards Zionism, any bets on what they'll accommodate to next?


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