[Marxism] Further on Scotland

Richard Fidler rfidler_8 at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 27 06:01:02 MDT 2014

Dave, can you cite a source for these interesting figures? If I were to cite
them to others, I would not want to have to list my source as something
called "ratbag media." Perhaps some URLs? Thanks.

Ratbag media:

Some of the re-alignment dynamic  in Scotland is reflected in these
membership figures. These samples don't cover the various independence
coalitions and initiatives that persist throughout Scotland.The
referendum campaign was very instructive and the situation there is
fascinating in way of tactical options and opportunities. A core
political dynamic missed by far too many on the English Marxist left.

In the week  following the independence vote  the  Scottish Socialist
Party joined  2500 new members  and is still growing.

Of relevance is that the Scottish National Party membership had grown
by more than 24,000 since the referendum - standing at over 50,000 and
overtaking the figure for the Lib Dems UK wide, which is reported to
be 43,451.

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