[Marxism] We kicked the ass of the ZIM/Zionist ship again! Ship NOT unloaded and ran...

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Sun Sep 28 17:32:35 MDT 2014

We had another successful labor/community picket line at the docks in
Oakland yesterday, covering 2 shifts: 5am (the one I was on) and 5pm (I was
sleeping :).

Local 10 refused to dispatch anyone to the docks to unload the ship and the
steadymen (a layer of ILWU members who can report directly to the owners
bypassing the hiring hall) were a bit pissed off but didn't cross the
picket line.

The people using ZIM ships (34% owned by the Israeli gov't) will get the
idea and start using other frieght carriers. Here is the Free Palestine
Movement take on this:

*Victory for picketers: Israeli ship quits Oakland, its cargo untouched*

Waving signs saying "DON'T WORK ZIM" and chanting "Send the ship back to
sea until Palestine is free", demonstrators from around the San Francisco
Bay Area and as far away as Sacramento set up picket lines at the port of
Oakland, California that were 100% effective in preventing the giant *Zim
Shanghai* container ship from unloading and loading its cargo.  The ship
was essentially untouched from the time it docked at 5:16 a.m. on Saturday,
September 27, 2014 and left just after midnight on the same day.

The effort was in many ways a model of cooperation between Palestine
solidarity activists and the membership of the International Longshore and
Warehouse Union Local 10 and other members of the labor community.
Although neither community is unanimous in its views, attitudes or
approaches to such matters, they reached out to each other and listened.  A
significant number belong to both communities and acted as a bridge.
Despite some mistakes, good will went a long way in overcoming obstacles.

This is the second Israeli Zim ship in as many months to leave Oakland
without taking on cargo.  Unlike the Zim Shanghai however, the Zim Piraeus
managed through illegal practices to unload a small amount of its incoming
cargo. Nevertheless, most remained on board and became a costly burden at
subsequent stops.

Other actions have taken place in Long Beach, California, Seattle and
Tacoma, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.  More are anticipated
in Tampa, Florida, and another is scheduled in Oakland on October 25.  This
opens the possibility of a global movement to block Zim and other Israeli
ships.  The message of the organizers is that if Israel is going to deny
Gaza the right to receive ships and trade from its port, Israeli ships will
be denied the same right.

The Free Palestine Movement supports this movement.  It was one of a large
number of organizations that endorsed the action, and one of our
representatives is on the organizing and tactical committees.  Your
donations helped to support the expenses of the action, notably six
walkie-talkies and the signs that you will see in the photos, but also some
other expenses. With your continued help, we intend to make these financial
resources available to all groups participating in these actions.  For more
information, contact us directly.

Israel will be held accountable for its actions.

The Free Palestine Movement

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