[Marxism] Syrian Minister asks Iran, Russia to help US bomb Syria

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 07:34:27 MDT 2014

Syrian Minister: Iran, Russia Could Join US led Coalition

By DİLXWAZ BEHLEWÎ 5 hours ago

A jihadi militant fires a heavy machine gun during fighting near the 
threatened Kurdish city of Kobane in Syria. Photo: AFP.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Syria’s national reconciliation minister said 
that Iran and Russia could become part of the US-led coalition fighting 
Islamic State jihadis in his country and Iraq.
“There is a possibility that the coalition widens and Iran and Russia 
will join the efforts in coordination with both Syria and Iraq,” Ali 
Haidar said.
In an exclusive interview with Rudaw, he added that his government 
welcomed the air raids by US and allied jets.
“We support any international effort to destroy terrorist groups such as 
the IS and (al-Qaeda’s) al-Nusrah Front,” he said.
US air raids against the religious fanatics have been ongoing in Iraq 
since last month. The US and five Arab countries began pounding the IS 
in Syria in air raids that began only last week.
There has been greater reluctance by Western allies -- in the coalition 
of some 50 nations that have come together to defeat the jihadi forces – 
for air raids over Syria. That is because Iraq’s government had asked 
for the raids but the Syrian government had not.
Haidar said that, while the strikes were welcome, his government had 
certain conditions.
“This means that the Syrian state institutions and the Syrian army bases 
should not be targeted under any circumstances,” he said. “In other 
words, there should be complete coordination with the Syrian 
Haidar said his government had received prior notice of the raids.
“We were notified of the attacks in advance by our ambassador to the 
 UN,” he said. “We also had consultations with the Iraqi government 
regarding the ongoing events in Syria.”
Asked about the five Arab countries that supported US fighters or joined 
in the first raids over Syria, Haidar said his government did not have a 
problem with that.
“We are not against either the Saudis or the Turks or Qataris or 
Jordanians, for that matter, to join the attacks on IS. These countries 
were the reason the IS was formed originally. If they now join the 
attacks on IS, then it’s a good thing.”
Haidar explained that the reason Syrian jets had not helped the Kurdish 
city of Kobane, against rebel assaults that were beaten off by the 
allied air raids, was because of Turkey.
“We have a standoff with the Turkish government and this is why our air 
force could not fly there close to their borders,” he said, adding that 
Turkey had once shot down a Syrian jet that had gotten too close

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