[Marxism] Yemen, Iran, America.

Prashad, Vijay Vijay.Prashad at trincoll.edu
Wed Apr 1 09:21:29 MDT 2015

A few things to share with you this week.

(1) Yemen.

This morning, in al-Araby, al-Jadeed, I have a column on the Saudi intervention into Yemen. It calls into question the canard that this is a war to diminish Iranian ambitions. There is a real conflict in Yemen, which will be unaddressed by the Saudi intervention.
The column is here: http://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/comment/2015/4/1/the-sultans-of-arabia-intervene-in-yemens-domestic-conflict.

Over the course of the intervention since March 25, I've written two pieces of reporting for BirGün, with this Sunday's column here: http://www.birgun.net/news/view/yemen-ve-arap-sultanlari/15811. An earlier comment is here: http://birgun.net/news/view/mezhep-savasi-degil-pis-bir-oyun-donuyor/15713.

(2) Iran and the United States

If you are interested, I did a talk at Beirut's Issam Fares Institute on the geopolitics of Iran's nuclear deal. As the deal wend its way beyond the deadline, here is my presentation:


Finally, at Frontline, my column Letter from America is reborn, this time an assessment of the Republican party's strange politics of paranoia around Iran and so much else. The main hook is Senator Tom Cotton. Could a stranger ideological framework take the reins of US power? Unlikely.

Here is the column, http://www.frontline.in/world-affairs/party-of-paranoia/article7048614.ece?homepage=true.

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