[Marxism] an Antarsya perspective on Syriza/Greek government

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Greek workers resist the Troika
by Costas Pittas
Socialist Review, UK
April 2015 issue

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Left opposition does not mean constant condemnation of the compromises
of Syriza. There are three clear steps. The first is a clear policy
giving a perspective to the struggles of the working class and its
hopes. Such a policy means the following immediate measures: debt
relief and cessation of payments; rupture with the EU, the ECB, the
euro and the IMF; nationalisation of the banks under workers’ control;
stopping privatisation and renationalising all the large state
enterprises that have been privatised; prohibition of sackings;
smashing racism and the fascists.

Second, a left opposition seeks cooperation in every economic and
political battle with workers who have illusions about the role of the
left government. Common action with the thousands of militants who
voted for Syriza is vital, and today many of them see Antarsya as the
political force that can support them against the retreats and the
compromises of the government.

Finally, in order to achieve this, a left opposition needs an
independent organisation that can respond to the opportunities and
challenges that are opening up. It must be able to take initiatives
that support workers’ struggles and highlight the demands of the
anti-capitalist programme. This is the role that Antarsya and SEK wish
to play. This has nothing to do with political sectarianism. It flows
from the real need for clear answers and action against the Troika and

Left opposition doesn't mean just talking — it means activity to win
back jobs, reopen public services, fight racism, and so on. It also
means clear anti-capitalist politics raising the issue of workers’
control — something which frequently arises in the high-level
political debates taking place in workplaces across Greece. The level
of these debates are rising week by week. Through these steps we can
ensure that the left government in Greece will not be the last, but
can be continued.
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Costas Pittas is secretary of the civil servants' union in the
Ministry of Development and a member of SEK and Antarsya.

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