[Marxism] an Antarsya perspective on Syriza/Greek government

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Wed Apr 1 14:46:30 MDT 2015

SYRIZA’s soft touch on demonstrations under fire
by Pavlos Zafiropoulos
The Times of Change, Greece
April 1

The formation of the SYRIZA-led coalition government in marked a
sea-change in the way demonstrations and popular protests are policed
in the country.
. . .
However now that honeymoon period appears to have ended - as many
would argue it was bound to. As the government exerts its power and is
called on to make tough decisions, it was inevitable that certain
groups would be angered – especially those that need little
encouragement, such as the anarchists of Athens.

SYRIZA’s softly, softly approach to policing is now coming under
attack – on the streets from anti-establishment protesters who
occupied a number of buildings across the country and reached the
front door of parliament almost unchallenged – and from political
opponents calling the policies a recipe for disaster.
. . .
However the Parliamentary Speaker, Zoe Kostatopoulou played down the
incident saying there had ‘been no invasion’ in the parliament or any
reason for concern.
. . .
“According to all of the evidence and records, nothing worrying
occurred and the protest is within the relevant constitutional right
of citizens.”

However the government spokesperson Gavril Sakellaridis chastised the
demonstrators for a ‘provocative and incomprehensible’ act arguing
that they were counterproductive as SYRIZA agreed with many of the
protesters' demands for the elimination of more draconian aspects of
the prison system adopted by the previous administration.

“A series of such acts provides arguments to all those who do not want
the humanization of the correctional system,” Sakellaridis said. “This
incursion operates against the decision of the government to remove
the railings of shame from the area in front of parliament. A decision
on which we remain firm.”
. . .

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