[Marxism] ISIS overrunning Yarmouk

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Seems the spark for ISIS invasion of the camp was an arrest by Hamas 
(whose fighters in the camp are part of the pro-revolution Palestinian 
leadership there) of some ISIS fighters who they accuse of assassinating 
a prominent Hamas activist Abu Suheiba few days ago: 

According to that article, Nusra aided ISIS's raid, but according to 
other sources they may have been defectors from Nusra. Nusra itself has 
been acting oppressively in the camp, but why they would call in ISIS, 
who they fight every other day, is unclear.

Hamas and other Palestinian/Syrian revolution forces have furiously 
fought back against ISIS while the regime "helps" out by bombing the 
camp (like every other day). Interesting comment below by Palestinian 
writer Talal Alyan:

from Talal Alyan:
ISIS isn't in control of Yarmouk. Their offensive began this morning, 
rumored to be in coordination with Nusra or aided by defectors from 
Nusra (which controls some sixty percent of camp). ISIS made 
considerable gains then were strongly pushed back by Aknaf Bait al 
Maqdis, unofficially Hamas, who they have been clashing with all day. 
Regime chimes in by shelling the camp, including hospital, and killing 
the brilliant oppositional activist Jamal Khalifeh. ISIS has been in 
Hajar Aswad, right next to Yarmouk, for over a year. Last March, if you 
recall, they also entered Yarmouk, took pictures with their flag, and 
had everyone also proclaiming that they took over camp.
Side notes:

1. Akhnaf is not "the peoples militia". They are widely resented and 
disconnected from residents. They have been asked many times by 
residents to intervene in Jabhat al Nusra transgressions but haven't.
2. Jabhat al Nusra has already been assassinating people and imposing 
its shitty fundamentalism for a while. So if thats why you're now 
concerned about Yarmouk, you've had plenty reason to also be for the 
past year.
3. There are over 2770 documented Palestinians dead from Syria. The 
overwhelming majority from the regime. I'm happy to discuss and call out 
the ugly elements of opposition that have run through the camp but NEVER 
removed from the context, NEVER amputated from the inarguable fact that 
Assad and his thugs have slaughtered most of the Palestinian causalities 
in Syria and that Assad and his thugs have imposed this brutal siege 
since December 2012

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I'm afraid this is not an April fools joke. I had just heard this on BBC 
which interviewed someone from Yarmouk, which reportedly has been 
largely overrun by ISIS. :-(

The point that the BBC host found significant was that this placed ISIS 
within a short distance of central Damascus, but unfortunately I don't 
think Assad has so much to worry about. The interviewee went on to 
question why Assad had actually allowed ISIS to take the territory 
around Yarmouk over quite some period -- ditto.

Paradoxically, I wonder if this won't bring some relief to the 
starvation in Yarmouk if they are now able to bring in food using ISIS's 
supply lines. In exchange for Sharia law and some beheadings.... :-(

- Jeff


Apr. 01, 2015 | 03:16 PM (Last Updated: April 01, 2015 | 03:49 PM)
ISIS seizes most of Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus: PLO

Agence France Presse
DAMASCUS: Militants from ISIS seized control of most of the Yarmouk
Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus Wednesday, a local 
official told AFP.

"Fighters from ISIS launched an assault this morning on Yarmouk and they
took over the majority of the camp," said Anwar Abdel Hadi, director of
political affairs for the Palestine Liberation Organization in Damascus.
Fighting was continuing inside the camp, he said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based activist group,
said ISIS was in control of a "large part" of the camp after fighting 
Palestinian groups also opposed to President Bashar Assad's regime.

Yarmouk was once a thriving neighborhood home to 160,000 Palestinian
refugees and Syrians but has been caught up in the country's fighting 
besieged by regime forces for more than a year.

Only about 18,000 residents are estimated to remain in the camp after 
fled the fighting.

Syrian rebels had withdrawn from the camp in February 2014 under a deal 
left only Palestinian anti-regime groups inside.

The siege has caused significant shortages of food, water and drugs 
the camp.

ISIS, which has seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq, has 
not only against the Assad regime but also against other rebel groups as 
seeks to expand the territory under its control.

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