[Marxism] Countering apologetics for the Baathist apocalypse: Once again, Assad regime responsible for sectarianism in Syria

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 20:39:53 MDT 2015

Countering apologetics for the Baathist apocalypse: Once again, Assad 
regime responsible for sectarianism in Syria
April 1, 2015
By Michael Karadjis

Long ago, someone called Jay Tharappel (see note* on Tharappel at end of 
this contribution) responded to my article ‘Assad Regime Responsible for 
Rise in Religious Sectarianism’ (http://links.org.au/node/3714) with an 
article, Syria: Countering Sectarian Apologetics for Imperialist 
Sponsored Bloodshed 

While my reasons for not responding were related to time and priorities, 
as it turned out precisely this passage of time has allowed us to better 
judge Tharappel’s premise in his title: the idea that the Syrian 
rebellion against Bashar Assad’s tyrannical sectarian regime is 
“imperialist-orchestrated bloodshed,” a view that allowed him to slander 
me as a “loyal servant of U.S. imperialism,” in the best traditions of 
the so-called “anti-imperialist” left.

Like the rest of this bogus “anti-imperialist” camp, he will have 
wilfully refused to look reality in the face ever since, and no doubt 
pretends that the last 8 months of *actual* imperialist intervention 
(unlike the imaginary one in August 2013) doesn’t exist. That is, the 
real intervention of US imperialism, with the full and open support of 
the Syrian regime, in collaborating with Assad in joint bombing 
expeditions against Raqqa civilians (nicknamed “against ISIS”); in 
actively bombing ISIS to defend the regime’s control over Deir Ezzor 
airport (so that regime can continue to use the airport to bomb children 
to bits all over Syria); in sharing intelligence with the regime; in 
mysteriously having US drones flying overhead just before regime 
bombings; in bombing not only ISIS but also Nusra and even the Islamic 
Front and sometimes even, mistakenly we assume, the FSA, anyone in Syria 
other than the regime; at the same time as the US is in an even more 
open joint war on the side of Iran and its proxy Iraqi regime and Shiite 
sectarian death squads against the Sunni population of Iraq.

Perhaps I could now respond and declare Tharappel and his ilk “loyal 
servants of U.S. imperialism,” but I don’t need to: for me, being a 
servant of a regime as fascistic and barbarous as that of Assad, which 
has turned the whole of Syria into a blood-drenched moonscape, was 
already damning enough long before the US-Assad alliance came out in the 
open, even back when the “anti-imperialist” left actually had an 
argument, of sorts: fact is, I don’t share their logic, so I don’t feel 
the need to slander them for being anything other than they openly claim 
to be, ie, loyal servants of a savage capitalist tyranny.

So formalities out of the way, let’s get down to the content of 
Tharappel’s arguments.


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