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Hi folks,

with Easter coming up, this update is coming early.

We've stuck up three important articles on workers' rights in the past few

Phil Duncan looks at the background to the tussle between Cotton On workers
at the company's Auckland distribution centre and the bosses who were
trying to take away their breaks.  This round has gone to the workers:

The settlement in the Cotton On case came just after we'd posted up a major
feature article on the importance of distribution workers in 21st century
capitalism.  While the article deals with the US it is very relevant here.
Indeed, drive around chunks of 'industrial Auckland' and what you will
largely see are distribution centres more than factories.  The importation
of industrial and manufacturing products that were once produced here has
put distribution workers here at a pivotal place in contemporary capitalism
(and,. as Marx noted, sections of workers involved in the sphere of
circulation produce surplus-value):

Lastly, however bad conditions of workers in New Zealand are, workers in
the Third World have it far worse.  Read about the Mexican farm workers'
strike in which fruitpickers, many of them impoverished and semi-literate
workers from the south of Mexico, are pitted against some of the biggest
and richest companies in the world:

In the next day or two, we'll doing something on an impressive transport
workers strike in Argentina - so look out for that.

Also, check out our piece on the Northland 'buy-election' result:

And an excellent piece by Kenan Malik on why young people in Europe would
join a group like ISIS:

And, over Easter, you might have time to peruse the following collections
of articles on the blog:
*The state of the working class in New Zealand today: *
*This is what workers' resistance looks like: *
*Education for anti-capitalists:*

Have a good Easter break,

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