[Marxism] 6, 000 Dunnes Stores workers strike in Ireland - fantastic

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 05:08:25 MDT 2015

Six thousand workers employed in 109 Dunnes Stores in the south of Ireland
staged a 24-hour strike yesterday (Thursday, April 2).  (The business sells
food, clothing, home furnishings; they’re roughly similar to a chain like
Woolworths in NZ.)

Whereas in New Zealand, there is currently a campaign against zero-hours
contracts, in the Dunnes Stores case the  most pressing issue is low-hours
contracts.  About 80 percent of Dunnes workers have only 15 hours
guaranteed work a week, so the effect is still that they cannot plan their
finances beyond any one week, if even that.  The strike is also for. . .

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