[Marxism] Samaras manoeuvres on behalf of troika to split Syriza

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 08:44:42 MDT 2015

New Democracy leader and former premier Antonis Samaras has offered to form a unity government with Alexis Tsipras if the latter should lose the support of the left-wing of Syriza in submitting to the demands of Greece’s creditors. It’s a transparent effort to split the party and bring it down, a centerpiece of the strategy being employed by the German-led eurozone powers. Tsipras’ office dismissed it as such, stating that “scenarios of a pro-bailout unity government that Mr. Samaras and various forces in Greece and abroad are plotting, are a midsummer night’s dream.”

The embedded video interview with bank analyst Alberto Gallo discussing the latest reforms presented by Syriza to the EU/ECB/IMF troika is also of interest. Gallo follows the the bankers’ script in describing the 26 page list of reforms as are a step forward but that “more detail” is required. He said the list includes, among other measures, changes to labour and pensions legislation, but didn’t offer specifics. 


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