[Marxism] Russian Monarchist Pseudo-Craft Beer, or The Zeitgeist in Putinist Russia

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:52:43 MDT 2015

Today, some Russian comrades who know their way around the local beers
brought my attention to this liquid ideologiocal monstrosity, Afanasy
Vintage Light:


The label on the beer bottle (as pictured at the link, above) reads:

"From time immemorial, outlanders have encroached on the frontiers of the
Russian land. Only strong sovereigns have managed to fight back and bring
the state out of poverty. Peter the Great completely transformed the state
and the army. Under his leadership the country built a strong navy,
artisans worked in the shipyards, and merchants regularly replenished the
state coffers.

"Now, thanks to a strong leader, V.V. Putin, Russia has again become a
force to be reckoned with in the world, and Crimea has returned to its
historic Motherland. But Russia's greatness also depends on citizens

"Afanasy Holding Company is making its contribution. Each bottle of our
product that is sold brings the state treasury 15.15 rubles, and we invest
5 rubles in a vigilante group that ensures the rule of law in our cities.

"We urge every Russian citizen to contribute to creating a strong State!"

By the way, this image is from a beer drinkers review site. This particular
reviewer writes that Afanasy Vintage Light is crap, and gives it a rating
of two of out five bottle caps.

Interestingly, the Afanasy Holding Company, which owns the Tver brewery
that produces Afanasy Vintage Light, is run by a local millionaire, Maxim
Larin, who is given to making statements like the following on his personal

"Russia needs a monarchy. Democracy will destroy us completely. Democracy
is a good thing where most of the population is active in its actions
[sic]. In Europe, the middle class dominates the other groups. In Russia,
the common people are not able to think logically and are not
result-oriented, so a handful of people in Russia owns all the country's
assets. That is, our country has the largest number of billionaires, the
middle class is a minority, and a huge part of the population lives on the
brink of poverty."


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