[Marxism] Priest says Russia needs system combining monarchy, socialism

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 04:08:35 MDT 2015

This sounds a lot like national socialism to me, but as I was told by our
list's foremost expert on Russian affairs the other day, I apparently live
in some other world, at odds with real Russian reality, so I must be wrong.



Priest says Russia needs system combining monarchy, socialism

Moscow, April 2, Interfax - The head of the Moscow Patriarchate's
Department for Church and Society Relations has advocated a political
system for Russia that would combine monarchy and socialism.

"The sovereignty of the state, justice and solidarity are the three values
on the basis of which we should build a system that would combine monarchy
with socialism," Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin told a roundtable in Moscow on

He expressed confidence that both socialist and monarchical values appeal
to the Russians.

"In this context we should defend our right to have a powerful central
authority and to have a social state geared not simply to the needs of the
ordinary individual but also to their opinion, their collective voice,
their collective reason," he said.

In Russia, the people and the state "have always felt part of a single
whole," the priest said. "Contrasting the people with the state is an idea
that has been forced on us and is extraneous to us. But this unity of the
people and the state is unimaginable without faith, and so faith has the
central value."


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