[Marxism] Ukraine language, and recent news

Roger Annis rogerannis at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 3 12:05:49 MDT 2015

Two new articles on the history and development of the Ukrainian language are published today on New Cold War.org. They are listed in the newly created category of articles on the website labelled 'Ukraine language and nation'. The collection there is already extensive. 

The book 'Ukrainian nationalism in the 1990s' by Andrew Wilson provides an overview of the development of the Ukrainian nation and country during the past two centuries. 

Also reported on New Cold War.org is the interim agreement between Ukraine and Russia whereby Russia will extend its provision natural gas at discounted prices to Ukraine by at least another three months. The two countries signed a ten-year gas sales deal in 2009. The only real change from pre-2014 in the new, interim  agreement is that Ukraine is required to pay in advance for the gas it contracts to receive. Ukraine owes some $3 billion in unpaid bills, saying the price it was charged was excessive. The dispute is before an international court of arbitration. 

President Poroshenko has signed into law a measure passed by the Rada on Feb. 5 which bans Russian-language films and television series made since 2014 and Russian language films made after the collapse of the Soviet Union which are deemed by Ukraine's new thought-control government agency to "popularize state organizations occupying Ukraine".


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