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Well actually "Ukraine" doesn't owe Russia anything, because according to
Roger's experts "Ukraine" doesn't exist, or at least is a recently-created
linguistic fiction.

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> Two new articles on the history and development of the Ukrainian language
> are published today on New Cold War.org. They are listed in the newly
> created category of articles on the website labelled 'Ukraine language and
> nation'. The collection there is already extensive.
> The book 'Ukrainian nationalism in the 1990s' by Andrew Wilson provides an
> overview of the development of the Ukrainian nation and country during the
> past two centuries.
> Also reported on New Cold War.org is the interim agreement between Ukraine
> and Russia whereby Russia will extend its provision natural gas at
> discounted prices to Ukraine by at least another three months. The two
> countries signed a ten-year gas sales deal in 2009. The only real change
> from pre-2014 in the new, interim  agreement is that Ukraine is required to
> pay in advance for the gas it contracts to receive. Ukraine owes some $3
> billion in unpaid bills, saying the price it was charged was excessive. The
> dispute is before an international court of arbitration.
> President Poroshenko has signed into law a measure passed by the Rada on
> Feb. 5 which bans Russian-language films and television series made since
> 2014 and Russian language films made after the collapse of the Soviet Union
> which are deemed by Ukraine's new thought-control government agency to
> "popularize state organizations occupying Ukraine".
> http://newcoldwar.org/president-poroshenko-fails-history-test-in-speech-to-university-students/
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