[Marxism] Iran nuclear deal: A powerful Tehran turned into America’s policeman in the Gulf? It could happen

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Sat Apr 4 06:01:58 MDT 2015

On 4/4/15 2:52 AM, Joseph Catron wrote:
>     Hamid Dabashi just wrote an article arguing that both iran and Saudi
>     Arabia are counter-revolutionary.

Do I really have to go into any kin of detail on how Ayatollah Khomeini 
smashed the left in the early 80s? I thought that was common knowledge. 
For information on Saudi Arabia, there's this:

Saudi Arabia and the Reagan Doctrine
by Jonathan Marshall
published in MER155

President Reagan came to office with a bold commitment to roll back 
Soviet gains in the Third World without risking the trauma or cost of 
another Vietnam-style intervention. The “Reagan Doctrine,” as his policy 
came to be known, ironically took its cue from Soviet support in the 
1970s for leftist insurgencies in Africa and Central America. But the 
beneficiaries of the Reagan Doctrine were anti-communist resistance and 
counterrevolutionary insurgencies in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia and 

Outside of the Afghanistan effort, however, the policy has never enjoyed 
broad, bipartisan support. Financing, arming, training and directing 
such movements has consistently strained the resources of the CIA and 
the lobbying abilities of the administration. As a result, the White 
House put a premium on finding foreign allies on whom it could offload 
some of the responsibility for these operations. Aside from sharing the 
burden, such an arrangement would help the administration cloak its role 
from both a meddling Congress and a divided American public.

Those allies, in turn, sought not only to advance their own 
anti-communist agenda, but also to bolster their influence in Washington 
by doing its bidding in the Third World. Thus Argentina’s military junta 
organized and trained the fledgling Nicaraguan Contra movement until the 
Falklands War; South Africa has been the main backer of UNITA in 
opposition to the Marxist-oriented MPLA in Angola; and Pakistan has 
served as the major conduit of foreign supplies to the Afghan rebels.

In the Middle East, two regional adversaries also diverted resources to 
help Washington with the expectation of winning return favors. Thanks to 
its technical and military expertise and experience in covert 
operations, Israel has proven a particularly active agent of US policy 
in Central America, Africa and the Middle East, most notoriously in 
support of the Contras and the arms-for-hostage deals with Iran. [1]

Saudi Arabia, for its part, has also made a major commitment to covert 
support of Reagan administration foreign policy objectives. One goal 
clearly was to neutralize or at least limit the power of the Israel 
lobby in the United States. It opened up its bank accounts to 
Washington, sending petrodollars to the Third World to stoke the fires 
of anti-communist rebellion.

full: http://www.merip.org/mer/mer155/saudi-arabia-reagan-doctrine#7

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