[Marxism] Statement by Revolutionary Marxist Organizations in the Arab Region on Yemen

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 5 09:40:44 MDT 2015


The revolutionary Marxist organizations signatory to this statement, strongly condemn the various acts of aggression carried out by Houthi militias in alliance with the military, which is still controlled by the former tyrant of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and strongly supported by the Islamic Republic of the mullahs of Iran. These organizations also condemn the recent onslaught perpetuated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its allies in this brutal criminal process and calls for the cessation of hostilities between all the parties involved and the withdrawal of all foreign military presence from Yemen. All intervening imperialist factions, be it Iran or the various Gulf regimes, notably Saudi Arabia, must be forced to offer a huge financial compensations to alleviate the grave losses suffered by the people of Yemen, in recent years, due to the savage interventions by those regimes.

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