[Marxism] Reclaiming (white) Australia and the fascists

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 5 22:38:19 MDT 2015

A strong vibrant and active left and trade union movement, with a clear 
understanding of the nature of capitalism and the threat respectable 
racism and its hidden guest, fascism, pose to the left and to working 
people, could act as a pole of attraction offering hope for these middle 
and working class people currently driven by fear. Building such a left 
must be our long term goal. In the medium term it means rank and file 
workers winning back their unions and building strikes to defend 
workers’ interests. In the short term we have to confront the racists 
and their fascist bed fellows every time they poke their slimy necks out 
from their sewers of hate.


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