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Mon Apr 6 12:19:51 MDT 2015

Joseph Green of Communist Voice says that the author of an article posted to New Cold War.org about the history of Crimea "presumably backed the mass deportation [of Crimean Tatars from the peninsula following WW2] as a good thing". The author expresses no such view backing the deportation, but whatever.

The article in question is one a now considerable collection of articles about Crimea compiled on the dedicated page of the New Cold War.org. website. But we read from Joseph that a "miserable fascist standpoint" comes through on the website. Oh dear.

I took this occasion to read Joseph's pro-Maidan treatise on Ukraine of August 2014 http://secure-web.cisco.com/18atW2PjdqFKM_XjFP3QelGwoh7rwfsFXRaLhdXBA6lVdTjCSC98x7Ok6DtMbaQ-BkYdYj6NIvvRh6uWtlukqk-nOmQBLYPU72DLp_eRTk5-Z-T0pHR8pqGcuF4TdtkhaFgD8PzVwe7X8dIlSgu1gxnvLW5dVt_2deRN-Jora51bN2GYiGS45wvkW0Pcxv2xDkaQl6U8VuhYkO63iSaNJhslf1uutCyECsW2LZz43MRFxJLTyCivD42p5mJ6O0q0WHSxWdU0eyvQETeOFglWztg/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.communistvoice.org%2F49cUkraine.html. He goes to some length to pretty up the neo-conservative government that came into power in February 2014 in Kyiv after the overthrow of  the elected president of the country. The overthrow was carried out in alliance with rightist and fascist paramilitaries and parties. Joseph describes the new government as being equally or even more democratic than the other governments of independent Ukraine. He writes:

Overall, the Ukrainian political system has been only partially
democratic since independence in 1991(and not democratic at all prior
to independence), excessive powers being concentrated in the president,
and the new government is only slightly changed from the previous one.
But one of the first things done by the Rada as Yanukovych fell was to
restore the 2004 Constitution, which meant somewhat reducing
presidential powers in favor of the parliament. (8) A few days later,
on February 26, the Rada abolished the Berkut, or special riot police
that were used by Yanukovych to savagely attack demonstrators. The
government also began criminal investigation of the system of titushky
used by Yanukovych, titushky being government-paid thugs who were used
to attack opponents in an anonymous manner. The government, as part of
austerity, is also cutting personnel in law enforcement agencies. And,
with respect to the issue of federalism, the government has indicated
willingness to replace the appointment of governors by the president
with their election. This is not the building up of a fascist state.

Joseph neglects to mention that another of the first acts of the Rada following the governmental overthrow was to abolish the language law of 2012 which granted limited language rights on a localized basiss where there was determined to be sufficient "local language" speakers other than Ukrainian. (For the information of readers, the most commonly spoken language of Ukraine is the creole Surzhik, likely followed in second place by Russian). Also overlooked is that the composition of this post-overthrow, democratic Rada was exactly the same as the pre-overthrow Rada! The composition only changed following the Oct 26, 2014 election in which the neo-Conservatives and extreme right consolidated by an after-the-fact ballot what was already established by force seven months earlier. (My article on the Oct 26, 2014 election is here: http://secure-web.cisco.com/1ZY6cHwUcYB9UHF0auzPwhHwQ2lw4SybpDUjdFtPCHjAErcd0jER-PwnV2NrxI9V3yAi1t1oyxmAC13zI_wCHbXCYaUQmb8ES9toHIeAtKMTDnxD67a32FPjycJCp6XCjryrD76ojoajYBTdlf2XSi8GNngnYzl-jI49l56Q2Seo47YviboIgVym9i_S5jOs1i35gAhQpIkMKv4h7iqavSgTf48a1uX2TLk6YNvkhcuwUl8ISOs5cVZUDGFnC2L0u6mpCO8JZ7PQf5R32gAqVAA/http%3A%2F%2Fnewcoldwar.org%2Fparliament-election-ukraine-confirms-right-wing-government-civil-war-course%2F.)

As readers of New Cold War.org will know, the regime led by Petro Poroshenko is rearming itself and preparing for a resumption of war in eastern Ukraine. A key indicator of its intentions has been its refusal to implement a key clause of the Feb. 11/12 Minsk ceasefire agreement, namely, that it discuss and negotiate forms of political decentralization and autonomy for eastern Ukraine. Indeed, the regime does not recognize nor will it even talk to the political autonomy forces in the east.

Kyiv is resolving the pesky problem of its rogue, rightist and fascist allied paramilitary units by formally integrating them into its army and National Guard. The latest such develpment is the agreement yesterday that brings the paramilitary forces of the Right Sector formally into the army and appoints the leader of the 'party', Dmytro Yarosh (an elected member of the Rada), as a special military adviser. The "democratic" Rada has approved an updated martial law, is hunting down young Ukrainians--including raiding university dormitories--to press gang them into the army, and it has turned the keys to the country's sovereignty over to NATO, the IMF and the USA. 

Didn't we read something in the history books about how in the early 1930s, so many communists in Germany turned a blind eye to the rise of fascism? Even after Hitler assumed power in 1933, the Communist Party's leadership (and its mentors in Moscow) dismissed that momentous event as a passing phase.


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