[Marxism] Ukraine reality today

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Mon Apr 6 15:16:28 MDT 2015

Louis Proyect wrote: 
> On 4/6/15 2:19 PM, Roger Annis via Marxism wrote:
> > Joseph neglects to mention that another of the first acts of the Rada
> > following the governmental overthrow was to abolish the language law
> > of 2012 which granted limited language rights on a localized basiss
> > where there was determined to be sufficient "local language" speakers
> > other than Ukrainian.
> Roger, this is really outrageous. You are repeating the RT.com talking 
> points without even bothering to acknowledge that some of us have been 
> putting them under microscope long before you became a subscriber

Yes indeed, Roger's method is so blatant that it's breathtaking. He just 
repeats RT talking points, as you say, and denies, denies, denies anything 
else. Ukrainian famine? Support for the deportation of the Tatars on 
NewColdWar.org? Oppression of workers and peasants under Stalin? Whatever. So 
 it's not surprising that he treats my article in the same way. He says I 
never mentioned what happened to the language law.  What does it matter that 
I actually did talk about the language law:

"Left to itself, the complicated relations between Maidan, the new 
government, and Antimaidan would have resulted in some sort of accommodation. 
That is how things often have been since independence. And in the first days 
after the fall of Yanukovych, a move in this direction began. At first, in a 
spasm of bourgeois nationalism, the Rada irritated the Russian ethnic 
population by voting to repeal a language law from 2012, but the government 
immediately reconsidered, and then-Acting President Alexandr Turchynov vetoed 
the repeal. The government at first considered pushing aside those oligarchs 
based in east Ukraine who had backed the Party of Regions, but in a few days 
-- realizing the weakness of its support in that part of the country -- it 
reversed itself and sought deals with them. That's not a very glorious 
accommodation, and it reinforced the character of the new government as 
another government of the oligarchs. But at the same time, it was a 
concession to Antimaidan. (15)"


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