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Mon Apr 6 15:41:00 MDT 2015

Wrong, wrong re the language law reversal in Feb. 2014. The measure passed the Rada, it was then overturned by the newly-appointed 'interim' speaker of the Rada, Turchynov. The new rulers of the Rada got a little too ambitious for their own good. Their language law reversal was an embarassment  for the international backers of the new regime, and the regime itself worried the Rada decision would stir up unforeseen consequences in the east. Prescient!

The original adoption of the 2012 language law was hotly contested, including, in the grand tradition of the Rada, fist fights among deputies.

A new essay on people of Russian descent in Ukraine is published (from a new book): http://newcoldwar.org/russians-in-ukraine-before-and-after-euromaidan/. Excerpt:

Russians in Ukraine do not represent such a distinctive national group 
as other large minorities in other countries. The thing is that both 
contemporary Russians and Ukrainians (at least, inhabitants of the lands
 of the former Russian Empire, that is the majority of contemporary 
Ukraine) originate from the people of common (All-Russian, ‘Orthodox’) 
identity, where the differences between Great Russians (‘Russians’) and 
Little Russians (‘Ukrainians’) were rather of regional or sub-ethnic 
nature. I think that it would be more correct to consider Russians, 
alongside Ukrainians, to be a state-constituting nation of Ukraine 
within its 2013 borders, and not a national minority. It is worth noting
 that almost half of ethnic Ukrainians prefer to speak Russian in 
private life.


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> On 4/6/15 2:19 PM, Roger Annis via Marxism wrote:
> > Joseph neglects to mention that another of the first acts of the Rada
> > following the governmental overthrow was to abolish the language law
> > of 2012 which granted limited language rights on a localized basiss
> > where there was determined to be sufficient "local language" speakers
> > other than Ukrainian.
> Roger, this is really outrageous. You are repeating the RT.com talking 
> points without even bothering to acknowledge that some of us have been 
> putting them under microscope long before you became a subscriber. Yes, 
> some rightwinger proposed this but it was not passed. What if some Tea 
> Party legislator proposed legislation to ban the teaching of evolution 
> in Kentucky? It does not mean that it was an "act", does it, if it is 
> voted down?
> In terms of the language question, this is really the best way to 
> understand it:
> https://www.opendemocracy.net/od-russia/uilleam-blacker/no-real-threat-to-ukraine%E2%80%99s-russian-speakers-language-law-ban

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