[Marxism] from Syriza's left: The government, the party and the people

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The government, the party and the people
by Antonis Davanellos
April 7, 2015

Greece's left government will soon be faced with either paying foreign
debts or wages and pensions for state workers, as the European elite
increase the pressure to capitulate to the domination of the
"institutions"--the new term for the Troika of the European Union
(EU), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund

In their agreement with Eurozone finance ministers in February, Prime
Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis made
major concessions on SYRIZA's pre-election commitments not to extend
the Troika's bailout program and to reverse austerity. But that wasn't
enough--the Eurozone is demanding the full implementation of previous
and new measures before it releases further funds, including money
owed to the Greek government. Plus, the media are reporting that
Eurozone ministers are pressuring Tsipras to get rid of left-wing
forces within the party and the government.
Antonis Davanellos is one of the best-known figures of SYRIZA's left
wing. He is a member of the Internationalist Workers Left (DEA) that
co-founded Coalition of the Radical Left 10 years ago, and currently a
member of SYRIZA's Central Committee and Political Secretariat. In
this article for DEA's newspaper Workers' Left, he emphasizes the
importance of the party's rank and file and its grassroots
organizations in the struggles that lie ahead.

DURING THE period since the elections of January 25, we have seen
daily that SYRIZA may have won government office, but it is not in
. . .
This insistence on a radical left program, on standing for the people,
and on popular mobilizations is the only way forward for SYRIZA as a
party. In fact, it is the only way forward for the government, caught
as it is between the Scylla and Charybdis [a reference to a Greek myth
meaning the same thing as "between a rock and a hard place"] of local
and international capital.

The mainstream media regularly display their contempt for the
Marxist-radical wing inside SYRIZA and demand that the party's leaders
eliminate it as a condition for being recognized as "reliable" and
"realistic." This wing within SYRIZA is real and with more influence
than many media analysts acknowledge. It has demonstrated many times
that it is a valuable and irreplaceable factor in the political
dynamic of SYRIZA--far more so than is the norm for mass political

The many people who are not connected to any tendency within SYRIZA,
but who look to the party's mobilization based on a radical left
program--this is the power that lead a way forward. The road ahead
must start with fighting for and achieving what we promised before the
election, but continue toward the broader objective of overthrowing
austerity, once and for all.

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