[Marxism] Controversy Swirls Around NYU Law Professor Involved in Obama’s Drone Program

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Tue Apr 7 20:54:41 MDT 2015

Koh is typical of liberals isn't he. Always without principle. The article Louis posted says he was an admirer of economist Walt Rostow. Now this is a name that always irritates me. What a consummate fascist, murderous scumbag. He was infamous for his ridiculous book about the stages of economic growth, subtitled "A Non-Communist Manifesto." Real nonsense. Plus he was the professor equivalent of Curtis LeMay, of bomb the Vietnamese back to the stone age fame. This Koh seems a chip off  the Rostow block, but without the in your face ugliness. Boy, NYU is some school. You have to wonder who can bear to teach there.   		 	   		  

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