[Marxism] !!! "«Άλλα μας έλεγαν προεκλογικά» λένε οι απολυμένες καθαρίστριες με σύμβαση έργου"

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Wed Apr 8 12:15:27 MDT 2015

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> "Παράσταση διαμαρτυρίας πραγματοποίησαν έξω από το υπουργείο Διοικητικής
> Μεταρρύθμισης οι απολυμένες καθαρίστριες με σύμβαση έργου του υπουργείου
> Οικονομικών, ζητώντας την επαναπρόσληψή τους με σύμβαση αορίστου χρόνου."
> http://news.in.gr/greece/article/?aid=1231398367

Google’s lumbering translation is not that much more helpful:

"Performance protest held outside the Administrative Department
Reform redundant cleaners with the ministry works contract
Finance, seeking reinstatement with a permanent contract. “


Others say our election “say redundant cleaners with project contract”

The president of the association of redundant cleaners, Lena Economidou spoke to in.gr the tragic economic situation experienced by former employees of the MoF, since not entitled nor the OAED unemployment benefit, speaking on election spoof executives SYRIZA.

"About 300 workers have been without work from January 1, 2013. Our salary was EUR 325 -Pro crisis- without licenses, gifts and bonuses, while the worst is that we are not entitled to unemployment benefit from the Employment Agency. All of this results in not having resources and money to live, going to church soup kitchens to feed ourselves, "he says.

Ms. Economidou notes that many members of SYRIZA, which currently have ministerial posts, such as the owners Stratoulis and Lafazanis supported the demands of redundant cleaners and contract depositing several questions in the House. It also adds that "in these queries were doing why medieval working conditions and asked the then government to rehire us on permanent contracts.

"But now, in our meeting a few days ago with Mr. Katrougalos, we made a proposal which would clearly not have accepted to give us some points awarded if and when there will be money or reinstated again on a fixed" stresses concludes by saying that "this is pure mockery, as others told us before the elections and now our spin."

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