[Marxism] Syriza's Natassa Romanou in Vancouver, CA April 10

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Syriza's Natassa Romanou in Vancouver to talk Greek elections and
victories of the anti-austerity movement
by Travis Lupick
Georgia Straight, April 7

. . .
In January 2015, support for the anti-austerity movement in Greece
became official when its people elected to power the Coalition of the
Radical Left or Syriza, as it is known by its Greek acronym.

Syriza’s election and the economic conditions from which it gained
widespread support are among the subjects of a panel discussion at SFU
Harbour Centre this Friday (April 10) at 7 p.m.

Speakers include Ingo Schmidt, academic coordinator of labour studies
at Athabasca University; Peter Prontzos, an instructor of political
science at Langara College; and Natassa Romanou, a climate scientist
at Columbia University and founding member of Syriza’s New York
chapter who was in Athens for the January election.

In a telephone interview ahead of the forum, Romanou spoke with the
Straight about Syriza’s rise, the financial crisis as a symptom of
capitalism, and where she sees Greece headed after visiting for the
election. The transcript of that conversation appears below. It has
been condensed and edited for clarity.
. . .
“We were all very excited, but it has been a very tough ride for the
Greek government, because they have been negotiating with very tough
opponents in the European Union, trying to come to terms and find
solutions and to keep the economy going. The pressures are tremendous
from the European Union, but also from the people in Greece who voted
for Syriza, the supporters. And from the members of the party who
don’t want to cross any red lines, who don’t want to capitulate, and
who want to really take on the fight that the Greek people elected
them for. It is still tough. But there is hope. And if there is hope
for Greece, then there is hope for other countries in Europe who are
suffering similarly.”
   # # #
Natassa Romanou is scheduled to speak in Vancouver at SFU Harbour
Centre at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 10.

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