[Marxism] Badiou: Deleuze, Guattari and the ‘fascisme de la pomme de terre’.

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Badiou: Deleuze, Guattari and the ‘fascisme de la pomme de terre’.

"On the Chinese ‘Cultural Revolution’, the professor has aroused 
controversy time and time again by giving a positive, glowing, account 
(“at any rate from 1965 to 1968” although he does not give the exact day
 of the week in this time-span) of this “political truth”. (1) These 
have local, indeed spatial, moorings, no doubt, for example, in Maoist 
re-education camps. There is the also the possibility of becoming a 
“militant for the truth”, perhaps, one might hazard, in the Union des 
communistes de France (marxiste-léninistes), the UJM (M-L) founded in 
1969 by Alain Badiou and others."

"Alain Badiou is perhaps too modest to mention that he too has mounted 
History’s stage. He too has experience of the “vigorous subjective 
existence of the communist hypothesis.” Indeed as Francis Dosse’s 
biography Gilles Deleuze Félix Guattari. Biographie Croisée (2009) illustrates in a fascinating snapshot, it was indeed “vigorous”."


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