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Murdoch's paywall again.

Louis Proyect wrote

The Case for Letting Greece Go
The risk now is political contagion from rewarding non-reform.

Greece’s main contagion threat now would be if it is bailed out again 
without reform. Athens wants creditors to reward Greek voters for 
electing a government committed to dismantling the reforms Greece needs. 
If creditors allow Athens to increase government spending while 
reversing labor-market liberalization and privatizations, they’ll 
encourage anti-reform movements elsewhere.

Spain’s left-wing Podemos party has polled well since Syriza’s Greek 
victory in January as Spaniards consider whether it might offer an 
alternative to painful reforms, and the party won 15 seats in the 
regional parliament in Andalusia last month.

Ireland’s Sinn Fein is gaining support for its anti-reform platform, and 
it invited a Syriza government minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, to its 
recent party conference. Italy has its own anti-reformers in the 
Northern League and the Five Star Movement.

full: http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-case-for-letting-greece-go-1428535900

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