[Marxism] What a former Syrian rebel leader had to say about Iran and nukes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 9 16:45:20 MDT 2015

Al Khatib on Iran:

Al Khatib’s words on Iran and nuclear weapons might not dovetail too 
closely with those of Secretary of State Clinton and are particularly 
worthy of quoting at length [this is the Zionist website's preface to 
the quotes below]:

We should identify our own shortcomings and weaknesses that allowed 
Western powers to inject sectarian hatred in our societies in order to 
know why the talk about taking military action against Iran has become 
very normal.

The bitterness in the hearts of Sunnis caused by the alleged 
Iranian-sponsored Shiite invasion of the Arab World is not a sufficient 
reason to be silent in the face of a possible military strike on Iran. 
If we suppose that we have 50% doctrinal differences and 20% juristical 
differences with Iran, we all know that we have 90% doctrinal 
differences with the wicked West.

Iran’s possession of nuclear capabilities poses no threat to any Sunni 
but it will be a formidable deterrent to the evil powers that are 
rushing madly upon the Muslim World.

The aggression against Iran is an upsurge of Western domination to snap 
at the riches of this region and deepen the cultural and social invasion 
of our Muslim World. In all honesty, it is genuinely logical and Islamic 
to refuse any action against Iran and to consider such action an 
aggression against the whole Muslim World.

Our refusal to take military action against Iran is a rejection of 
aggression itself as a mean to implement hidden agendas.

However, there is another dangerous issue that we probably overlooked, 
which is the fact that nuclear arms are indeed a curse against humanity.

We should give this critical moment in our history the importance it 
deserves and refuse any type of aggression against any Muslim country 
and even against any tyrannized country in the world.

Israel for example has more than 100 nuclear warheads but it cannot use 
them, despite its aggressive nature, when the opposing weapon is a stone 
in the hand of a child. The Zionist state can only deter Arab regimes 
and cannot deter people, and the soldiers it will eventually face are 
people not regimes.


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