[Marxism] Greek gov't: Germany owes us 279 Bn Euros in WWII reparations

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interview with Hagen Fleischeir: 'Germany turns a deaf ear to claims’
Analyze Greece!
March 9, 2015
Prof. Dr. Hagen Fleischer studied History as well as Media and
Communication at the Freie Universität Berlin, and has been
researching for decades German and Greek history. Since 1977 he lives
in Greece and teaches at the Universities of Crete and Athens. He has
represented Greece in many conferences and research projects.

. . .
...Throughout the occupation time tens of thousands of Greek civilians
were brutally eliminated, amongst them many women and children, the
60.000 deported and murdered Greek Jews not included.

The German plundering of the nation’s resources was one of the pivotal
reasons for the epidemic famine; In the first occupation winter alone
at least 100.000 Greeks – according to moderate estimates – succumbed
to hunger. There are also much higher estimates of a total of 300.000
to 600.000 victims. In addition to all this came the steep decline in
the birth rate. By the time of the German withdrawal, one in three
Greeks was suffering from infectious diseases. What is hard to
calculate are the losses due to hyperinflation, as well as the
country’s ravaged infrastructure in the wake of rapine exploitation;
not to mention the fact that occupied Greece had to actually pay for
the expenditures of the occupiers.
. . .
These occupation loans were a singular case and are not to be compared
to German war debt in other countries.

*So are there serious estimates as to the total amount of the loans?*

I was the first to find a memorandum in the German federal archives
showing calculations for future use by Nazi experts in early 1945 of
how high the ‘remaining debt of the Reich to Greece’ was. It all added
up to 476 million reichsmark. The concurrent exchange rate between
reichsmarks and dollars was 2 to 1.  The interesting thing is that
deputies of the Nazi regime calculated this amount for internal use.
In the archives of the National Bank I found two other calculations,
also from 1945. The detailed one totals up the price of the occupation
loans at 228 million dollars. This coincides with the German
computations. Creditors and debtors came up, at the same time,  with
almost the same number. Wouldn’t that be a negotiating basis for
today’s opposing sides?
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