[Marxism] Follow-up article on big Dunnes Stores strike in south of Ireland

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 05:08:32 MDT 2015

by Philip Ferguson

Last week, I reported on the strike by 6,000 Dunnes Stores workers across
the south of Ireland for guaranteed hours they can actually live on, union
recognition, a pay rise and improved job security (see here). The company
did all it could to pressure workers not to go on strike but their efforts
failed.  Moreover, the workers won wide support for their action.

The questions asked by the great Irish workers leader James Connolly need
asking today by Irish workers and unions
Company vents displeasure

In the week since the strike, the company has vented its displeasure at
what they regard as the insubordination of their much put-upon workers.
Across the south of Ireland there have been reports from union members of
changes in shift patterns, making it harder to manage family commitments.
Workers’ roles have been altered too.  For instance, some workers who have
been doing the same job for 20 years found themselves reassigned after the
strike to other departments in the stores where they work; this can mean a
loss in hours and disruption of their long-established work and life

Another tactic used by management to punish workers and discourage future
industrial action is. . .

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