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Fri Apr 10 07:00:51 MDT 2015

Synaspismos was a party with a weak Eurocommunist agenda with nice ideas 
but not a political spearhead, some good socialists who were alienated 
from Pasok, and some ex-communists disappointed by the fall of the 
Soviet Union. The moment of the anti-globalization movements created a 
new unity and an identity. And this created a new way of doing politics 
for more than ten years that, although Synaspismos and then Syriza were 
small parties, gave a direction to what Syriza was and represented.

Syriza being an ultra pro-movement party means that Syriza has relations 
with the movement: it wasn’t the movement. This changed in practice the 
way activists thought of their relation with the movement: Syriza always 
related to the movement but kept its independence in both ways: from the 
party to the movement and from the movement to the party. This is the 
first thing that established Syriza as a unique political phenomena in 
Greek politics.

The second thing that happened is that, leaning on those political 
practices while at the same time having a stronghold inside Greek 
universities and academia, once the memorandums start to be applied — 
which is a big shock for the society — Syriza manages to have a 
different narrative about what was happening. And the fact that it was 
able to create a different narrative about what was happening to us, 
this sort of “collective guilt” that was taking over society, actually 
gives rise to Syriza, gives a lot of momentum to Syriza, together of 
course with the political practices of being in the movements.

And lastly, where the leadership part comes into play is that three 
years ago the leadership of Syriza was able to say, “I’m not here to do 
a movement only,” “I’m not here to do counter-politics only or be in 
minority positions,” but offers itself to the people as a project able 
to take up power.

full: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/04/syriza-greece-europe-euro/

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