[Marxism] Controversy re firing of pianist Valentina Lisitsa

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 10 11:54:09 MDT 2015

Marcus Gee, discussing the controversy around the firing of pianist Valentina Lisitsa, says,
"Imagine if an Israeli violinist with strong Zionist views were invited to play Roy Thomson Hall. Imagine she had once said that the Palestinians were not a true nationality, that their leaders were terrorists and that Israel had the historic right to live in all of the Holy Land. Wouldn’t Palestinian-Canadians have the right to say she should be banned?"

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On newcoldwar.org Roger Annis has posted a number of articles regarding the controversy.  At first glance I do not see a link to the controversial tweets.  Below is what I have found
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Those tweets and retweets include referring to those she termed "conscious Ukrainians" as "dog feces." She retweeted an image depicting a putative pre-homo sapien "Ukropithecus" Ukrainian as an apelike creature wearing both an Adolf Hitler hairstyle and a giant swastika. (This image has since been removed from Twitter, but it may be seen in the document published by Musical Toronto.)

Lisitsa also juxtaposed an image of teachers in Odessa wearing ethnic Ukrainian dress with an image of a group of what appear to be sub-Saharan Africans, in traditional outfits, carrying spears. In another instance, Lisitsatweeted, perhaps sarcastically: "In a new European Ukraine, the camps will give the subhumans [ethnic Russians] condemned to the gas chambers an opportunity to offset their carbon footprint."

#IfScotlandWereUkraine they would be now burning tyres while chanting "Glory to Scotland, Glory to the Nation, Death to Enemies, Hang Brits" NedoUkraïnka at ValLisitsa One is CIVILIZED way, another is UNCIVIL. @BigRab74 @Looongi

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