[Marxism] Crisis in Yarmouk: How Amy backs Assad's play

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Fri Apr 10 12:56:32 MDT 2015

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      Crisis in Yarmouk: How Amy backs Assad's play

> Tuesday, on *Democracy Now*, producer and host Amy Goodman reported
> <http://www.democracynow.org/2015/4/7/headlines#471> on the tragedy
> that is happening in the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp near Damascus:
>     UNRWA: Crisis in ISIL-Controlled Palestinian Refugee Camp
>     /"Beyond Inhumane"/
>     The United Nations has demanded access to a Palestinian refugee
>     camp in Syria invaded by the self-proclaimed Islamic State,
>     warning of a humanitarian catastrophe. About 18,000 people have
>     been trapped in Yarmouk, just a few miles outside the capital
>     Damascus, the stronghold of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
>     There were reports of sporadic fighting Monday between Palestinian
>     fighters and ISIL militants. *ISIL is reportedly collaborating
>     with rivals from the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front to maintain its
>     siege of the camp.* Before boarding a flight earlier today,
>     Christopher Gunness, spokesperson for the the United Nations
>     Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, spoke to Democracy
>     Now! and described the situation.
>         *Christopher Gunness:* /"The situation in Yarmouk is beyond
>         inhumane. The camp has descended into levels of inhumanity
>         which are unknown even in Yarmouk, and this was a society in
>         which women died in childbirth for lack of medicine, and
>         children died of malnutrition. Now ISIS have moved into the
>         camp and people are cowering in their battered homes, too
>         terrified to go outside. We in UNRWA have not had access since
>         the fighting started, so there is no U.N. food, no U.N. water,
>         no U.N. medicine. Electricity is in very, very short supply.
>         It is astonishing that the civilized world can stand by while
>         18,000 civilians including 3,500 children can face potential
>         imminent slaughter and do nothing."/
> This report might lead you to think that Yarmouk has been under siege
> by one /"al-Qaeda-linked"/ group and now they have been joined in that
> siege by the worst al-Qaeda like group, the Islamic State, and all of
> this dangerously close to Damascus, Syria's capital. If it does, it
> leads you far from reality. I have made bold the sentence above in
> which that lie was deftly slipped into the narrative. 


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