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Sun Apr 12 08:41:25 MDT 2015

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From: Joseph Catron via Marxism

> Was Trotsky in favor of either this kind of comically sloppy 
> reasoning, or
pathological lies? I'd love to see the chapter and verse.

Really, instead of this back and forth between two people, why don't you 
actually respond to the article that was sent? Proyect made some 
political comments about it that I agree with, if you don't agree, or 
you liked Cockburn's article, or you have some other opinion, why not 
express it instead of opening up discussion by calling people boneheads 
without even explaining your issue.

My reaction: I'm not surprised Cockburn has written a Hitchens-style 
interventionist piece at all, and the actual imperialist intervention 
into Syria and Iraq since mid-last year has been the Achilles heel of 
all these "anti-imperialists" who were determined to defend Assad's 
regime against imperialism and have not been able to adjust their 
"anti-imperialism" to reality since the intervention turned out to be so 
different to what was in their vivid imaginations.

As for the question of whether Cockburn is a "pathological lair", well 
I'm not sure about the pathological bit, but the number of lies in that 
article was prolific. Unless they're not lies and he just doesn't know. 
But if the latter, then why are we supposed to read a journalist 
specialising in the mideast who doesn't know stuff? Example: his bald 
assertion that "al-Qaida" has taken over Idlib. Wow.

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