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Too bad drones are so recent an invention.

Using Cockburn's approach today, no doubt there would have been those in former times who would have supported using drones against the Mau Mau in Kenya.

Drone the Sepoy mutineers in India! 

Drone Nat Turner's rebels against the slaveholders!

Those movements, that sometimes chopped up both adults and children, clearly deserved nothing less than complete extermination.

Foolish Trotsky:

"A revolution is always distinguished by impoliteness, probably because the ruling classes did not take the trouble in good season to teach the people fine manners."
-- Leon Trotsky, History Of The Russian Revolution


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>This article confirms once and for all that anti-intervention has always 
>been selective. Patrick Cockburn says that he is okay with US air power 
>being used in Syria as long as it is used against ISIS *and* al-Nusra. 
>Of course, in the latter case it means bombing one of the more effective 
>rebel forces because it is "al-Qaeda". If you stop and think about it, 
>what distinguishes this from drone attacks taking place against 
>Islamists all around the world? It effectively legitimizes strikes 
>against the Taliban as well. Finally, it should be noted that Cockburn 
>sounds pretty much like Christopher Hitchens did back in 2004 or so:

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