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where's the original Cockburn article?

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> This article confirms once and for all that anti-intervention has always
> been selective. Patrick Cockburn says that he is okay with US air power
> being used in Syria as long as it is used against ISIS *and* al-Nusra. Of
> course, in the latter case it means bombing one of the more effective rebel
> forces because it is "al-Qaeda". If you stop and think about it, what
> distinguishes this from drone attacks taking place against Islamists all
> around the world? It effectively legitimizes strikes against the Taliban as
> well. Finally, it should be noted that Cockburn sounds pretty much like
> Christopher Hitchens did back in 2004 or so:
> http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/in-the-middle-east-our-
> enemys-enemy-must-be-our-friend-10169984.html
> Given that there are 2.8 million Muslims in Britain, 4.1 million in
> Germany and 5 million in France, al-Qaeda-type movements are bound to find
> some supporters.
> What should be done? The only way of dealing with Isis, al-Qaeda and other
> jihadi movements is in the countries where they flourish. The great mistake
> after 9/11 was for Washington to absolve Saudi Arabia of responsibility –
> though 15 of the 19 hijackers, bin Laden himself, and much of the money
> spent on the operation came from Saudi Arabia – as well as Pakistan, which
> had propelled bin Laden’s hosts, the Taliban, into power in Afghanistan.
> Once again al-Qaeda-type movements are not being targeted effectively
> despite their many enemies.
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